- Breaking News - Abercrombie debuts new unisex kids collection

Breaking News - Abercrombie debuts new unisex kids collection

Abercrombie has revealed a new line of gender-neutral clothing made specifically for children.The Everybody Collection, which has debuted with a spring line, has just hit stores and online offering 25 different military and streetwear-inspired styles including both clothing and accessories for young boys and girls.Abercrombie`s inclusive new range of apparel is aimed at kids who are aged anywhere between five and 16, and uses a single size system for both girls and boys.Included in the genderless collection are graphic T-shirts for $19.95, hoodies for around $39.95 and slide sandals for $24.95.The decision to introduce the neutral line came about after customer focus groups run by Abercrombie Kids discovered that customers didn`t want restrictions to certain styles and colors while shopping across genders.Brand president Stacia Andersen explained in a statement: `Parents and their kids don’t want to be confined to specific colors and styles, depending on whether shopping for a boy or a girl.`She added: `Our Everybody Collection is one assortment, in one size run, that covers the trends we are seeing in both color and style.`We are excited to offer these additional options and are looking forward to building on this initial collection for summer and the back-to-school seasons.`Promotional images for the line feature boys and girls wearing the same items and posing side-by-side to show the versatility of the pieces.Aquamarine, charcoal grey and pink are the predominant colors on offer throughout the collection, with several camouflage green items as well.The new line isn`t the first time the brand has made a move towards gender neutral branding, as it was revealed last summer that the stores` signature scent Fierce - a fragrance worn by young men in the noughties and branded with a chiselled masculine torso - was swapped out for a genderless perfume.Ellwood - which is one of a trio of new gender neutral fragrances launched this summer by the brand - was described as `a musk fragrance` that`s `clean, subtle and simple yet memorable.`And it is not the first time that such a mainstream brand has worked on a unisex line; in October 2016, Guess released a unisex capsule collection called His & Hers, which featured a number of wardrobe staples designed to flatter any wearer, no matter what their gender.Made up of 12 core pieces, the capsule collection featured items that everyone wants, nay needs, in their wardrobe, from a flattering grey T-shirt to loose-fitting jeans to a suede biker jacket.Guess CEO Victor Herrero said at the time that the new collection demonstrates the brand`s desire to keep up with society`s increasing focus on `gender-neutral movements` - and their ongoing influence on the fashion industry.`In a world that is always evolving and testing out new trends, it is important that Guess, the global lifestyle brand, remains part of these gender-neutral movements that have been rapidly expanding and taking the fashion industry by storm,` he

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